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Instant Mushroom Coffee

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This coffee is a blend of specific mushrooms, known for having specific health benefits, and a specially calibrated micro-ground coffee for flavour. The combination creates a smooth well-balanced taste profile, with prominent notes of fruits and nuts.

Lions Mane: This nootropic combined with coffee to help you with improved mental performance, the supplement to help you improve your focus

Chaga Mushroom: Commonly found in mushroom coffee that helps fight against inflammation and boost immune response

Cordyceps: Helps support energy and stamina it can increase aerobic capacity and oxygen flow to our brain and body and resistance to fatigue. Cordyceps are known to boost athletic performance through its ability to boost ATP, the primary carrier of energy in cells.
To make a cup of mushroom coffee just add 1 to 2 teaspoons of the powder to hot water with a splash of milk and/ or honey to taste, stir and enjoy!
Health & Safety Info: Our mushroom coffee has been carefully crafted to support focus, concentration, memory and learning, mental energy, mood, clarity, reduced brain fog, and neuro-protection.

So if you live an activity lifestyle Blackbeard Mushroom coffee could be the one for you

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