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How long will my delivery take in the United Kingdom?

Normally, within the UK most parcels are delivered/received within 1-2 days. But it might take slightly longer than the normal duration at the peak times

How should I store my coffee?

We recommend to store your favorite coffee in an airtight and dark container. And once the package is open then try to use it within 4-6 weeks.

How To Keep Beans fresh for a longer duration?

  • Avoid sunlight and heat
  • Avoid steam (so consider where you are storing your beans and keep them away from brewers, stoves, etc.).
  • Avoid moisture (storing near your sink could accidentally allow water to reach beans).
  • If you can’t brew coffee beans within the optimum time put your beans in the freezer.

Is it okay to keep coffee in the fridge?

The fridge is not the place to store coffee in any form, ground, or whole bean even if in an airtight container.

What if my parcel is lost/damage

Though we pack all the packages properly, if any parcel gets damaged in the process of final delivery, we will gladly replace it in return for a photo/video of the damage to enable us to review dispatch practice.

We use a fully tracked order delivery system but in case you haven’t received your parcel within 6-7 working days then you can contact us via an email at alex@blackbeardcoffee.co.uk or contact our customer support  07788184997

How will I detect fraudulent emails/calls/messages seeking sensitive personal and confidential information?

If you receive an e-mail, message, or a call from a person/association claiming to be from BlackBeard Coffee seeking sensitive confidential information like debit/credit card PIN, banking password, or OTP we request you to never provide such confidential and personal data.

We at BlackBeard Coffee will never ask for such confidential and personal data. If you have already revealed such information, report it immediately to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

How can I pay for my order at BlackBeard Coffee?

We accept all major credit/Debit cards including:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Visa Electron
  • Maestro

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